Content Marketing and Link Building: What’s The Difference?

If you’re looking to start a career in content marketing, the most important thing to know is what the difference is between content marketing and link building. Content marketing and link building are two terms that are often lumped together by bloggers and small business owners. Both are indeed important to growing a brand, but they are quite different. Even though it’s possible to build links to your blog and repurpose content for content marketing, the two concepts are fundamentally different. There’s a lot of confusion about the difference between content marketing and link building. The media loves to categorize the two, framing them as mutually exclusive. But this isn’t true. If you look at the basics of content marketing, you’ll see that it’s all about creating something valuable for your target audience. What’s the relationship between content marketing and link building? Link building is a highly effective way to grow your business’s online presence. But to build an online presence, you need an audience. Link building is a good way to promote your content, but it’s not content marketing. Content marketing builds relationships through a point-of-view, and content marketing is about building a brand. Content marketing and link building are two of the most popular ways to attract, convert, and retain visitors to your website. Both involve creating, distributing, and using content on your website. However, there are some important distinctions between the two. In this blog, we will examine the similarities between their approaches and their differences. A lot has been said and written about the power of content marketing and link building, but what are they exactly? After all, they aren’t the same thing, right?  There’s no question that content marketing and link building can be incredibly valuable in building up your brand and increasing awareness, but they’re also very different. What’s the difference between content marketing and link building? It’s a common misconception that content marketing and link building are the same things. They’re different, but they’re also extremely related. Content marketing is the act of creating and distributing great content to attract and retain an audience. Link building is the act of creating many hyperlinks to other websites so that search engines can understand the importance of your website. “Content marketing” and “link building” have come a long way in recent years. For many years, these two concepts were used in a very similar way and shared many of the same goals. Today, however, they are becoming two separate and very distinct approaches to promoting a product or service online. While they accomplish similar goals, they each have their unique advantages, and they are not interchangeable. Content marketing Content marketing is an increasingly popular method of attracting new readers to your blog. Every post you write will boost your search engine rankings and help you build a following. However, that’s not to say you do nothing but write for your blog. Links from popular sites in your industry can boost your search engine rankings significantly, as well. Link building Link building, or link popularity, is one of the best ways to attract attention to your website or blog, but it’s also a tricky and sometimes expensive way to do so. Link building revolves around buying links to your site, but it’s possible to use link popularity as a means of attracting attention to your content. Many content marketing strategies revolve around building links to your site that can then be used to drive traffic to your blog posts, which indirectly results in more links to your content. In simple terms, content marketing is a way to create, promote and measure content that provides value, while link building is a way to get people to talk about your content on the Internet, to get them to link back to your content. Content marketing and SEO are both crucial parts of any website’s marketing strategy. However, they are very different. Content marketing focuses on creating content and creating the best possible content for your audience. SEO is about finding the best ways to get backlinks and increase the site’s visibility. The goal of content marketing is to create valuable, relevant content that will be shared by the reader again and again. The goal of SEO is to get people to find your content and share it with others. Content marketing and link building are important marketing strategies, but they have some important distinctions. Understanding them can help you determine which strategy best fits your business.