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Course Title: Older & Wiser? - Working with people who use substances as they age - Core
Duration: 1 Day



One of the main current challenges support services experience is supporting an ageing population who use alcohol and other drugs.  The course will explore the health needs of an ageing cohort learning from recent researches and trends with this population including the Glasgow HIV outbreak.  It will discuss the reasons why older individuals tend not to engage with mainstream services, explore where else in the system the workforce can engage with an ageing cohort and discuss strategies that have been piloted in Scotland for this population such as assertive outreach.



The course is aimed primarily at frontline staff and managers of frontline services, however they are also relevant to services which support people who use substances, such as housing and homelessness services.


Learning Outcomes

By the end of the session participants will be able to :

  • Identify the physical, mental and social issues experienced by older people with drug problems.
  • Describe the current trends and common patterns of use among older people with drug problems including poly substance use.
  • Recall the impact of problem substance use and the process of ageing and the implications for individuals and services.
  • Identify barriers to access and appropriate treatment pathways for older people with drug problems.
  • Challenging and stigmatising attitudes and practices which affect older people with drug problems.
  • Identify effective techniques to engage older people with drug problems in services.
  • Create an effective support and risk management plan.

Events Scheduled

Date Title Venue Area Spaces
28.06.2018 Older & Wiser? - Working with people who use substances as they age - Core Old Boardroom, Crichton Hall Dumfries and Galloway Event is Full - Add Details to Waiting List
28.09.2018 Older & Wiser? - Working with people who use substances as they age - Core NHS Borders, Rushbank, Newstead Scottish Borders 16