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Course Title: Getting Our Priorities Right for Children Affected by Substance Abuse - Argyll & Bute
Duration: 2 Days



This two day course will consider the impacts of substance use on children and young people, including recovery.  The effects of patterns of use on parenting capacity and links with co-occurring issues, including mental health and domestic abuse will be based around critical reflection on live casework.

The course will be facilitated by Joyce Nicholson, who has been involved in practice, training and education in the substance use field for over 25 years and has a special interest in substance using women and their children.  The course will be evaluated by SDF and feedback provided to the ADP for potential follow-up training.


Improved recognition of the impact of parental substance use and recovery on the welfare, development and protection of children.

Increased understanding of the impacts of patterns of substance use and recovery on care giving.

Increased knowledge of the developmental impacts of neglectful parenting and the links with substance use.

Critically reflected around analysis in assessment of children affected by substance use.


Events Scheduled

Date Title Venue Area Spaces
30.01.2019 Getting Our Priorities Right for Children Affected by Substance Abuse - Argyll & Bute Argyll & Bute ADP - AROS Argyll and Bute 12