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Course Title: Intermediate Motivational Interviewing Practice Based Workshop
Duration: 3 Days


Please note: This 3-day intermediate course is designed for individuals who have completed the STRADA/SDF 2-day Introduction to Motivational Interviewing training or a comparable training in motivational interviewing with another training provider.

Single day MI awareness courses or courses which have MI blended in as a component of the course will not be sufficient. Participants without this level of training will be unable to participate appropriately, therefore would unfortunately not be eligible to register for this course.


Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a collaborative and empowering method which can effectively influence change through the use of person centred counselling skills and directive strategies. MI can be used with brief encounters and is shown to be more effective than traditional advice giving. This 3-day course incorporates the latest methods from the new 3rd edition of Motivational Interviewing by W.R. Miller and S. Rollnick.

Course completion and certification requires participants to carry out a motivational interview between day 2 and 3 with a current service user/patient who is ambivalent about a health behaviour change and to undertake a critical self assessment of this MI practice.

Please note: Practitioners who are qualified professional counsellors who have experience in providing one to one counselling to people affected by alcohol or other drugs will be eligible for direct entry into this intermediate level without undertaking an introductory level course in motivational interviewing. People without a recognised professional qualification in counselling and yet hold certificates in basic counselling skills would not meet this requirement for direct entry.

Learning activities will include: demonstrations, real and role-plays, small group activities, and significant participant practise. Day 3 of the training will be tailored around the learning needs of the group and will focus upon motivational interviewing practice participants wish to strengthen.


This workshop is for practitioners who are currently in the role of conducting one-to-one therapeutic discussions with people using or misusing alcohol and other drugs with the focus on making and sustaining healthy behaviour changes. The aim is to guide participants through a sequence of learning activities to move from basic to more advanced skilfulness in motivational interviewing.

Learning Outcomes


By the end of the course, participants will have:


  • Observed the practice of focusing the conversation on a change target where there are multiple topics for discussion.
  • Demonstrated the practice of guiding the conversation towards strengthening commitment to change through the eliciting and strengthening of change talk.
  • Demonstrated the practice of responding to sustain talk and discord.
  • Reflected on interim practice and considered means of supporting future skills development.

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