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Course Title: Understanding Stigma: Promoting inclusive attitudes and practice
Duration: 1 Day



Stigma can have a profound impact upon the lives of people who use alcohol and other drugs or those who have a history of substance use. The impact of stigma can permeate numerous aspects of a person’s life such as their health and wellbeing, relationships, education and employment prospects and socioeconomic status.

Commonly, family, friends, service providers and institutions often place numerous expectations on people who use substances to engage in change behaviour, however, the social context that creates and perpetuates the cycle of stigma is rarely considered or challenged. Through developing a greater awareness of the wider context that the cycle of stigma fosters and exploring our own role in reinforcing and challenging stigma, participants can identify new approaches for fostering enhanced relationships with service users.


This one day training will give participants a distinct set of knowledge and skills to help them understand and address alcohol and drug-related stigma.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Recall the meaning of stigma and the theory relating to stigma
  • Identify and understand the specific stigma attached to people who use substances, people in treatment or in recovery from substance use
  • Describe the consequences of the cycle of stigma
  • Identify our own attitudes and beliefs towards treatment options and treatment outcomes for substances
  • Identify language and practice which de-stigmatises people affected by substance use
  • Challenge stigma attached to people who use substances, people in treatment or in recovery from substance use

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